Single electronic cigarette starter pack – Black

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Now with a free 10ml eliquid. This black single electronic starter pack is Ideal for those just starting out with their new, healthier life!

Electronic cigarette starter pack – Black

What you get:

  • 1 x 900mah Electronic cigarette
  • 1 x standard USB battery charger
  • 1 x 10ml eliquid of your choice (subject to availability)
  • Free delivery

Optional extras:

With a free 10ml eliquid  you have got everything you need to start vaping. The kit includes a 10 ml eliquid of your choice, a liquid tank (atomiser) which is made from aluminium and won’t leak or split like the cheap plastic alternatives, a 900 mah battery which can be charged from both ends and whilst you are still using it (needs seperate charger to charge from the bottom which you can find here) so that you don’t get caught out when the battery goes flat and a standard USB charger so that you can charge it by plugging in to your laptop or computer or you can purchase a wall charger separately for complete freedom. This really is the ideal kit for an introduction to vaping, it is easy to use and very reliable which means that in your quest to give up smoking you won’t be reaching for the cigarettes. Available in 3 colours white, Black or silver. Don’t forget to order your eliquid which is available in 13 flavours and four strengths. Many of our customers have claimed that it is the best single electronic cigarette starter pack that they have bought and regularly return to us for their eliquids and other accessories.

This will be the best single electronic cigarette starter kit you will buy.

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