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Puff Away premium quality e liquid for all e smoking devices.

Eliquid by Puff Away

If you love popular cigarette brands such as L&B or B&H this flavour will be perfect for you. Gold and Silver flavoured E Liquid from Puff Away is derived from the highest quality ingredients to bring you the very best vaping experience. Puff Away premium Eliquids are produced to exacting standards, delivering the perfect balance between throat hit, flavour and vapour production. All of our quality eliquids are produced in a GMP approved facility, providing you piece of mind that every care has been taken over its creation to bring you the very best premium e liquid.

Puff Away premium e juice can be used in all electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. A 10ml bottle should provide the average 20 a day smoker with enough e-liquid to last 4-5 days and with the 70/30 PG/VG mix you get the perfect combination of throat hit and vapour production. If you are a heavy smoker or someone that smokes premium branded cigarettes we would recommend opting for the high Strength as this has an increased throat hit. If you are used to milder strength cigarettes then the medium strength will probably be more suited to you.

Which quantity and strength should I chose?
Heavy smoker (40 cigarettes per day)
We recommend that you buy the high strength nicotine (18mg) and in the 30ml or 50ml bottles.

Medium smoker (20 cigarettes per day)
We recommend that you buy High strength nicotine (18mg) and in 30 ml bottles.

Light smokers (10 cigarettes per day)
We recommend that you buy medium strength (12mg) nicotine and in 10ml bottles.


Very light smokers (less than 10 cigarettes per day)

We recommend that you buy low (6mg) or zero strength nicotine and in 10 ml bottles.

Eliquid -Ejuice

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